Higher Education

On these pages you will find information concerning gender studies, equality and diversity in Swiss academic institutions. You can read more about the history and the development in higher education, learn about the possibilities to study gender studies and get to know some of the most important institutions.


University Development

The promotion of Equality and Diversity and the institutionalization of Gender Studies are among the top priorities of Swiss education development.

Diversity at Swiss universities

Fostering Diversity policies is one of the goals of Swiss university development.

Equality at Swiss universities

For decades, Gender Equality has been one of the priorities in higher education development.

Gender Studies at Swiss universities

Interdisciplinary gender research is well established at Swiss universities.

Studies and Research

An overview of the different graduate schools and funding opportunities in gender studies.



Various universities offer bachelor and master degrees in Gender Studies.


Swiss doctoral programmes in Gender Studies and their activities.


Knowledge sharing possibilities for students, graduate students and post-docs.

Research promotion

Opportunities for researchers: Institutions and programme who provide funding for Gender Studies.


Insight into the different contexts and associations dealing with Gender, Equality and Diversity.

List of institutions

Our database provides an overview of the different actors at Swiss universities in the fields of Gender Studies, Equality and Diversity.


Academic policy institutions that are invested in Gender Studies, Equality and Diversity.


People and institutions we are working with.


Important associations in Swiss Higher Education institutions and beyond.