What is #4genderstudies?

On the #4genderstudies Science Day, academics* from all over the German-speaking world and beyond show what they are working on. Online and offline, the necessity and diversity of gender studies is made accessible to a wider audience. The day of action is a response to the hostility against gender studies. Under the hashtag #4genderstudies we take a stand and show how important is our work.

What are we doing at Gender Campus?

In 2017, we gave an insight into the work of the IZFG on Twitter. In 2018, we posted three blog posts and a statement on Gender Campus and shared a collection of updates from Gender Studies in Switzerland on Twitter. In 2019, we published a «Gender Studies ABC» from A as in Algorithm to Z as in Zukunft (Future), showing the different forms of knowledge produced in Gender Studies.

You can find the most recent projects under the links for the respective years.

What can you do? As an individual or institution:

  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): Use #4genderstudies to publish your own content. Retweet content from your networks.
  • Blogging: Write blog posts (also on the Gender Campus Blog) and post them.
  • Media: Activate your contacts working in the media field and ask them to publish something about #4genderstudies.
  • At the universities: Contact your university's communications office - Is there a letter or statement planned for 18 December?
  • Combining forces: Actions are collected and made visible on the AFG Berlin page and on Gender Campus. Let us know what you have planned!
  • Spread calls: Suggest to your students* and colleagues* to participate in #4genderstudies.