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Prof. Isabelle Engeli


I am Professor of Public Policy and Head of the Politics Department at the University of Exeter.

My current research focuses on party competition and policy change on value-loaded issues, the politics of gendering policy attention and action, regulatory dynamics in human biotechnology, and the comparative turn in public policy research.

Prior to joining Exeter, I was Reader in Comparative Politics and Policy at the University of Bath (2015-2018) and Assistant then Associate Professor of Public Policy at the University of Ottawa (2011-2015). I held a Max Weber Fellowship at the European University Institute, Florence (2008-2010) and guest professorships across Europe. I used to serve as Director of the PhD Program in Politics at the University of Bath and Director of the MA Program in Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottowa.

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United Kingdom


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Reproduction – childbearing
Health – medicine


Gender Studies, Political Studies