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    Dr Mira Fey is working as postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at Haute école de travail social Genève (HETS). She is the lead investigator of the research project “TRANSVIS – Visibility without protection? Interrogating the effects of visibility on trans* participation in the city” financed by the Domaine du travail social HES-SO. The project investigates the different ways in which members of a range of LGBTQI+ associations in Geneva understand trans* visibility and which implications these understandings have for trans* representation, participation, and, perhaps, misrepresentation. She previously worked within the project “Diagnosing dementia – cantonal policies and ethical issues” (HETS) where she conducted and analysed a trilingual, nationwide survey with more than 100 public health institutions and a case study in the canton of Vaud interviewing medical professionals and state employees responsible for public health policies.

    Dr Fey defended her PhD dissertation “Serve and Protect - Also those at the margins? Three essays on police, prostitution and policy” at the Graduate Institute in November 2019. She has participated in several national and international conferences and workshops and talked about different types of prostitution policy and their respective impact on the lived realities of sex workers. She has taught two different courses on prostitution policy, social work, and intersectionality at Cologne University of Applied Sciences from spring 2019 until spring 2021.
    At the Graduate Institute, she teaches the course “Public morality, vulnerable populations, and stigma - Using an intersectional, practice-oriented lens to analyse prostitution and LGBTQI+ policies” in spring term 2022.

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