Paul Scherrer Institute PSI

The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. Through different programmes, the Center of Competence for Diversity and Inclusion has been part of supporting different groups within PSI in their career paths as well as personal development and integrity.

Founded in 2018, our successful feM-LEAD programme has been extended from PSI to the other research institutions within the ETH domain, Empa and WSL in 2023. The programme opens up the opportunity to women across the institutions to be mentored by people in management positions, to challenge their management potential in workshops and networks, and, finally, evaluating their own potential and interest in a management position.
Through our well received CRP – Career return Program, PSI has made important experiences in finding ways for employees to return successfully to work after parental leave. Now, a new replacing pilot program, the Family Flexibility Grant, has been developed to enable parents to return to work gradually and with more support.

PSI has been especially proud in taking part and making important collaborations within the academic Diversity and Inclusion community in the ETH domain as well as with other Swiss academic institutions.
With its Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, PSI reevaluates and redefines its progress and goals. PSI is grateful for having strong partners such as the different departments and the Committee for Equal Opportunities, within and outside of PSI in the commitment of becoming an inclusive employer and in building an inviting, safe and respectful work environment.