Feminist No Borders Summer School

The Feminist No Borders Summer School has been postponed until June 2021. The call for participants will be reopened  in early 2021. This spring, a virtual process involving invited speakers and participants selected from proposals received prior to this year’s application deadline will take place.  Watch this space in June for virtual keynote lectures and a synthesis of participants’ work, shared virtually! We thank everyone who sent a proposal.

The Feminist No Borders Summer School is three years in the making. The brainchild of Feminist Researchers Against Borders (FRAB) has survived a packed classroom in the Polytechnic University of Athens in the July 2018 heatwave, and was nourished in its life course as the first gathering we had in the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research in June 2019. We are grateful to the 100+ past participants, invited speakers, and community experts of the 2-day and 3-day workshops who gave this summer school its existence.

The context of the two previous events was shaped by the “refugee crisis” that was declared to have broken out in Greece in the summer of 2015, and the “economic crisis” that was dramatised in July 2015: first, by the referendum through which the electorate rejected a new memorandum of understanding between the government of Greece and the Troika of its creditors; and then by the deal reached between the Greek government and the leaders of the Eurozone in defiance of the popular vote. The liminal position of Greece within Europe (and within the institutions comprising ‘EUrope’) has been intensified by these intertwined developments. Moreover, the multiple forms of precarity and the various velocities at which some human (and nonhuman) beings are consigned to death through the necropolitics of the “crisis regimes” have intensified divisions amongst us, along lines of racialised citizenship, class power, and heteropatriarchal normativities. Thus, we asked: What becomes possible when we inhabit the borderlands with the conscious intention of breaking down the multiple borders that have been erected to keep us apart?

This year, with FRAB, we launch the full 7-day summer school at FAC Research in Athens. Over these intensive and reflective seven days, a combination of participants’ presentations, discussions, workshops, visits to community organisations, and keynote addresses will culminate in a collective intervention. Coinciding with the Summer School, the BRIDGES project will present its toolkit for antiracist education from an intersectional and decolonial perspective, aimed at university and community educators working toward dismantling structures of exclusion, particularly those erected by borders.

Tuition fees: €250 (for members of FAC Research); €300 (for non-members).

The summer school is an LGBTQI+ affirmative space and the participation of trans, intersex, non-binary, queer, lesbian, bisexual, and gay people is encouraged.


15 giugno 2020 – 21 giugno 2020

Annullato, rinviato o virtuale