Gender Economics

…Why do women earn less than men? What causes gender segregation in occupations? What determines gender differences in preferences? This course aims to delve int...


Gender Centre (IHEID)

…The Gender Centre at the Graduate Institute produces transformative research that questions gendered power relations in development and international relations....

InstitutionGender Studies

Sociology of Gender

…This course explores key theoretical developments in the study of gender within sociology in recent decades. We devote particular attention to intersectionality...


Gender Studies in den Disziplinen - Disziplinen in den Gender Studies (Ringvorlesung)

Gender Studies in den Disziplinen - Disziplinen in den Gender Studies (Ringvorlesung) Die interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung ist fachbezogenen Zugängen zur Erforschung von Geschlechterverhältnissen gewidmet. Sie…


Proseminar: Literature and Gender

…Proseminar: Literature and Gender Our language and everyday practices, such as ordering a new passport (in CH), ask us to identify as either female or male; but what about non-binary people? Lit... Our language and…


Gender and Development: From Theory to Practice

…This course explores the evolving field of gender and development. It does so through tracing paradigm shifts in this arena over time, including through key con...


RINGS Conference Report: Struggles and developments in Gender Studies and Gender Equality

…RINGS is an international association with the aim of bringing together research institutions engaged in gender and feminist research on a global basis. Read more about the international discussions from the meeting in…


Notes from the Gender Republic: The Curious Case of Translating Gender in Bulgarian

Gender, women's and LGBTQ rights and the moral panic around the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in Bulgaria.


Gender and International Affairs

…This course interrogates international policy problems from a gender perspective, taking into consideration intersecting axes of power such as race, sexuality, ...


Introduction to Transcultural Gender & Diversity Studies

…Introduction to Transcultural Gender and Diversity Studies (Switzerland – Morocco – Egypt – Lebanon) The Graduate Course provides an introduction into cr...