Equal opportunities and diversity office ZHdK

Zurich University of the Arts considers itself to be an institution that acknowledges and values the individual and cultural differences of its  staff and students.The University upholds the principle that its members should be accepted and treated equally regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, worldview, mental and physical capacity or sexual orientation. Achieving equal opportunities in the sense of equality in diversity includes the equal participation of all University members in taking responsibility, in being abreast of developments in their area of work, in valuing their own work and that of others and also in pursuing professional development.

The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Office carries out equal opportunities initiatives and awareness-raising activities and projects. These efforts are aimed at creating an environment that champions equality, is free of discrimination and fosters a culture of acceptance and mutual respect among the University community. The Office offers advice and support on numerous issues, including work-life of compatibility, studying with disabilities, discrimination, career pathways, mentoring programmes, etc.

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