CAS in Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine

Both biology (sex) and sociocultural variables (gender) have a fundamental impact on health behaviour, as well as epidemiology, manifestation, and pathophysiology of diseases. Although sex and gender are essential to effective health care, differences between women and men are often neglected in medical research and clinical practice. The CAS study programme in Sex- and Gender- Specific Medicine is a part-time course for postgraduates at the Universities of Bern and Zurich. To meet the eligibility requirements for this CAS course candidates must hold a master’s degree in either medicine or a related field.

The study programme provides the participants with concepts of sex- and gender-specific medicine and addresses the important implications of biological sex and sociocultural factors for disease prevention, biomedical research, and healthcare. The eleven modules are based on the most recent scientific findings in the field of gender and sex specific medicine and cover all medical disciplines. The new concept of evidence-based sex and gender medicine will be taught and strategies promoting the integration of gender into research initiatives and health interventions will be elaborated.

Objectives of the CAS
The participants

  •     are familiar with sex-specific biological differences in the development, manifestation, and progression of diseases, as well as with their impact on diagnosis, treatment and clinical outcomes,
  •     are aware of the socio-cultural gender differences in primary and secondary prevention as well as in health behaviour,
  •     know the latest evidence on sex- and gender-specific issues in clinical practice and biomedical research,
  •     are motivated to implement the knowledge gained from the CAS in their daily work.

Language of instruction: German and English
Place of study: Bern, Zurich, Lausanne
Registration deadline: will be announced as soon as possible
Costs: Complete CAS CHF 9'400, Single modules each CHF 960

Organising institutions

  •     Department of Visceral Surgery and Medicine,
  •     Inselspital, University of Bern
  •     Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich

Attention: Start postponed until march 2021 due to Coronavirus

Given the current situation regarding the new coronavirus we have come to the conclusion that the implementation of the CAS is currently not possible within the desired framework. Since networking and personal exchange of experiences and opinions are an important part of the CAS, we also do not want to conduct the continuing education course online.

Therefore, we have decided to postpone the start of the CAS in Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine until March 2021. The exact dates of the individual modules will be announced as soon as possible.


01 mars 2021 – 01 février 2022