5th European Geographies of Sexualities Conference

The first European Geographies of Sexualities (EGSC) conference took place in Brussels (2011) and it was also the first time when we learned that this conference is, in fact, global having its name derived from the place of where it is organized and not by or for whom. The second conference took place in Lisbon (2013), third in Rome (2015), and fourth in Barcelona (2017).

Based on collective agreement by members of the international scientific committee in Barcelona, the fifth conference is going to be organized in Prague where our aim is to continue with the dynamic, diverse and international development of research that intersects not only with sexuality and gender but also with other axes of human difference. Our conference invites scholars, professionals, and activists who work across multiple scholarly disciplines or geographical contexts. We hope to create a respectful space for open debate and discussion.


26 septembre 2019 – 28 septembre 2019, 23h15