The aim of the Think Tank is to broaden the discussion of gender and diversity, both inside and outside universities, and to propose solutions to develop these subjects. Its purpose consists in strengthening understanding and competences, and in supporting the knowledge transfer between universities and the fields of the economy, politics, media, and culture.

The Think Tank is comprised of representatives of the three types of higher education institutions, of the fields of policy of equality and of the research in gender and diversity studies, and of decision-making bodies in higher education. The Think Tank, created during the years 2018-2020, is a project of transversal cooperation within the program P-7 “Equal Opportunities and University Development” of swissuniversities. It is also financially supported by eight universities. It has been initiated in 2017 by Nathalie Amstutz, Katrin Meyer, and Andrea Maihofer. In addition to diverse publications and networking activities, a several events have taken place in several universities, and an international conference has been organized in 2020.

The Think Tank adopted a thematic calendar for the period 2021-2024. The latter acts as an incentive for the development of knowledge and competences, for the dialogue between all the participating institutions, for the proposition of solutions to the current challenges, and for the elaboration and the exchange of best practices. Moreover the Think Tank develops and organizes a Forum within the frame of the program P-7 “Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in the Development of Higher Education Institutions 2021-2024” of swissuniversities, in order to facilitate the networking between the projects funded by this federal program.