The Think Tank Gender & Diversity develops expertise and skillsets on current negotiation processes in the areas of diversity, university development, inclusion and equal opportunities. The Think Tank’s goal is to make this knowledge available to the general public in four different formats, thus contributing to an informed debate on diversity and equality in society. Unfortunately, the various documents and materials cannot yet be offered in multiple languages.

Basic Documents

Under the section Basic Documents you will find tools and documents developed by the Think Tank Gender & Diversity for the implementation of diversity and equal opportunities at Swiss universities.

  • Literaturstudie "Gender Equality in Higher Academia" (2023)
    Dr. Andrea Zimmermann, Deborah Oliveira (MA), Lea Dora Illmer (BA)

    The Gender Equality Commission of the SNSF has commissioned a comprehensive review of the measures used to promote women in research and of their effectiveness.
    Literature Review
    Key findings 
  • Broschüre "Vielfältige Differenzdimensionen, Lebensentwürfe und Wissenspraxen: Gleichstellung, Chancengleichheit, Vielfalt/Diversity und Inklusion an Schweizer Universitäten"
    Ergebnisse der Recherche von Anika Thym zu Begrifflichkeiten und Implementierungen im Auftrag der Kommission für Chancengleichheit der Philosophisch-Historischen Fakultät der Universität Basel.

    Lange Version

    Für eine englische Kurzfassung siehe: Thym, Anika (2020): Gender equality through assimilation or recognition of plurality? Reflections on gender equality, equal opportunity and diversity policies at Swiss universities, in Strid, S., Balkmar, D., Hearn, J., und Morley, L. (Hrsg.) Does knowledge have a gender? A Festschrift for Liisa Husu on gender, science and academia, 74-87.

    Kontakt: Anika Thym, Universität Basel
  • Checklist "Diversity Mainstreaming"
    Anyone wishing to apply for project-related contributions for the BFI period 2021-2024 must use the new swissuniversities "Diversity Mainstreaming" checklist. This will ensure that diversity is systematically taken into account in projects.

    Checkliste "Diversity Mainstreaming" (german)
    Checkliste "Diversity Mainstreaming" (french)

    Diversity and equal opportunities are justifiably gaining in importance in the Swiss university landscape. Swissuniversities provides for this in its strategic planning 2021-2024. Diversity is also a relevant criterion in the awarding concept of the Swiss Conference of Universities SHK for project-bound contributions.

    The tool, newly developed within the framework of the cooperation project Think Tank Gender & Diversity, supports steering committees, project leaders and evaluation offices in the elaboration, implementation and review of their projects and ensures maximum exploitation of the potential of diversity. In addition, existing knowledge on gender & diversity at the universities can be used for professional orientation. A pool of experts has been set up on the Gender Campus for this purpose. This pool of experts is continuously being expanded and will be replaced in the longer term by a research database "Doing Research".

    Contact: Blanka Šiška (HSLU) and Natalie Berger (FHNW) 

Manuals/Guidance material

This section contains a (by no means complete) collection of guidelines and further orientation aids for a competent handling of diversity at Swiss universities. The DOING DIVERSITY platform on the Gender Campus offers a more detailed compilation of selected best practices from Swiss universities on the topics of diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion.

Leitfaden mit Sprachempfehlungen für geschlechtergerechte(re) Kommunikation an Hochschulen (, 2023)

Inklusive Sprache - Glossar der wichtigsten Begriffe (Amnesty International, 2022)

Langage inclusif - website created by Natasha Stegmann and Pascal Gygax (EPFL) with lots of information on the use of inclusive language in French (EPFL, 2021)

Implicit Bias Awareness - Open online courses done by Marianne Schmid Mast for UNIL and EPFL are available in English and in French. It is open access, so you can use it as you wish.

"Geschlecht erfragen" - ein Leitfaden (TGNS, August 2020, weitere Publikationen und Informationen des Transgender Network Switzerland hier)

Sprachmächtig - Glossar gegen Rassismus (Rahel El-Maawi und Jovita dos Santos Pinto, Oktober 2019)

Nachteilsausgleich im Studium - Leitfaden für Hochschulen (Netzwerk Studium und Behinderung, Mai 2019, weitere Informationen auf

Leitfaden für Hochschulen zum inklusiven Umgang mit allen Geschlechtern (queer*z, Februar 2019)

'Handlungsfelder' aus Schlussbericht Art.School.Differences (Philippe Saner, Sophie Vögele et al., November 2016)