About the Think Tank Gender & Diversity

The aim of the Think Tank is to promote in-depth debates on current gender & diversity issues in and outside of universities, and to offer solutions in these areas. Our goal is to strengthen knowledge and skills on these topics and to facilitate knowledge exchange between universities, political institutions, business, culture and the media in the field of gender equality and university development.

The Think Tank's activities include reports and recommendations on gender and diversity issues, as well as internal and public events (for example conferences, workshops and trainings). These events are organized for all types of higher education institutions with a focus on crucial socio-political issues and challenges.

The Think Tank Gender & Diversity was founded in 2018 as a cooperation project between different higher education institutions, and is funded by swissuniversities and eight higher education institutions within the framework of the P7 program "Equal Opportunities and Higher Education Development" 2017-2020

The Think Tank consists of representatives from all three types of higher education institutions, gender and diversity research, as well as from decision-making bodies in higher education and education politics, and representatives from business, politics, media and culture from Switzerland's three main language regions.

The Think Tank Gender & Diversity team developed an extensive project plan for the period 2018-2020, including thematic issues and timelines. The common agenda promotes in-depth development of knowledge and skills, exchange between all member institutions, as well as solution-oriented work on current issues and the development and exchange of best practices.