Reports and Recommendations

The Think Tank Gender & Diversity develops expertise and skillsets on current negotiation processes in the areas of diversity, university development, inclusion and equal opportunities. The Think Tank’s goal is to make this knowledge available to the general public in four different formats, thus contributing to an informed debate on diversity and equality in society. Unfortunately, the various documents and materials cannot yet be offered in multiple languages.

Policy Briefs
The Policy Briefs are prepared decentrally by the members and partners of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity and compiled here. Policy Briefs present the main results and recommendations of research projects or conferences in a short version to a non-specialised target audience. They serve as a basis for obtaining specific information on a topic (e.g. for media work, as a basis for discussion or for political proposals or initiatives).

Basic Documents
In the section Basic documents you will find tools and documents developed by the Think Tank Gender & Diversity for the implementation of diversity and equal opportunities at Swiss universities.

The analyses and comments on current social topics, debates and events are written by individual members of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity. They reflect views that do not necessarily coincide with the views of all members of the Think Tank.

Manuals/Guidance material
This section contains a (by no means complete) collection of guidelines and other orientation aids for a competent handling of diversity at Swiss universities. A more detailed compilation of selected best practices from Swiss universities on the topics of diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion is offered by the DOING DIVERSITY platform on the Gender Campus.