Becoming a Member

The Swiss Association for Gender Studies is open to all persons who are active in gender-related research and studies in their capacity as: lecturers, students or professionals. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us.

All members have the right to vote. They pay the annually fixed membership fee. The membership fee is determined each year by the general assembly. Our current yearly membership fees amount to:

Undergraduate Students (BA and MA): 30 Swiss Francs
Individual membership, reduced (PhD students, no or little income): 60 Swiss Francs
Individual membership (up to CHF 100'000 annual income): 100 Swiss Francs
Individual membership (above 100'000 annual income): 200 Swiss Francs
Collective membership (institutions): 300 Swiss Francs
Lifetime membership: 2000 Swiss Francs
Donors: free choice

Payment is based on self-declaration. If the stated membership amount is not within your means, please get in touch with us.

Bank Information:
Schweiz. Gesellschaft für
4001 Basel

PC 40-50 55 55-1
IBAN: CH22 0900 00004050 5555 1