You will find the latest news about SAGS in our Bulletin, which is published three times a year:

2023:   Bulletin 1 / Bulletin 2
2022:   Bulletin 1 / Bulletin 2 / Bulletin 3
2021:   Bulletin 1 / Bulletin 2 / Bulletin 3
2020:   Bulletin 1 / Bulletin 2 / Bulletin 3

Every two years, the SAGS organizes an international conference on current topics in gender research: more information on our conferences.

Every year, the SAGS also organizes a public panel discussion (see Roundtables SAGS) or a public lecture on the occasion of the award ceremony of the Brigitte Schnegg Prize after our members Assembly.

You can read more about SAGS' activities in our annual activity reports:

Activity Report 2022   /   Activity Report 2021   /   Activity Report 2020
Activity Report 2019

In our archive, you will also find an overview of all SAGS events in recent years: Archive.