Inge Strauch Visiting Professorship


The University of Zurich aims to achieve a balanced representation of women and men at all levels and in all functions, and wants to increase the proportion of female professors in particular.

The Inge Strauch program enables the faculties to invite internationally renowned female professors to the University of Zurich to serve as role models for junior academics. The Inge Strauch visiting professorship is fully funded by the UZH Strategic Reserves.  

What Is the Inge Strauch Visiting Professorship?

The visiting professors will be invited to the University of Zurich for a period of two to six months, during which time they will be involved in research and teaching activities. Each visiting professorship includes a framework program aimed at increasing the visiting professors’ visibility as role models. The faculties, the visiting professors, the Gender Equality Commission and the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity jointly specify and carry out the framework program. In addition, each visiting professor will hold a public lecture about her research. The Inge Strauch visiting professorship is a continuation of the Hedi Fritz-Niggli visiting professorship (2014–2018). The name change was decided by the Executive Board of the University on 15 May 2018 to draw attention to female academics from various fields and faculties.    


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