Anti-Harassment Assistance


The Graduate Institute Geneva has created an anti-harassment unit, referred to as “Antenne H”.

"Antenne H" was established for students, as well as collaborators, and is intended to foster and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment where any form of harassment is deemed unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All members of the Institute’s community are expected to value equality and diversity, and to treat each other fairly, with dignity, respect and consideration.

Antenne H, guided by the Gender Centre and the Director of Human Resources, is a committee of trained and dedicated individuals who can act as a first point of contact for students and staff experiencing any form of harassment. This includes sexual harassment, bullying, victimisation, invasion of privacy and stalking as well as any behaviour that creates tension, intimidation, and a hostile or offensive environment for the victim.

Antenne H members are here to help. They will offer support and guidance in complete confidentiality. They can also advise you by clarifying which options are available to facilitate resolution. Whenever possible, efforts will be made to resolve complaints through informal procedures. However, if a victim chooses to file a formal complaint, Antenne H can offer appropriate support throughout the process.


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