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antelope - for the leap ahead. In this competitive, compact and tailor-made career program, highly qualified female postdoctoral researchers and excellent, advanced doctoral students from all faculties are supported in the systematic planning and development of their academic careers and prepared for future leadership and management assignments.

antelope professorship accompanies you on your way to becoming a professor by offering you a range of customized modules. The program consists of the three elements career camp, coaching and career toolbox. A kick-off and a closing event round off the program. In the career camp you will undergo intensive appointment training. You attend two individual coaching sessions on the topics of funding and leadership/empowerment, in which you discuss your concrete research proposal and reflect on your leadership style or strengthen your success strategies. The career toolbox offers you a maximum of CHF 1,000 which you can use for a career-promoting trainig measure of your choice, such as media training, negotiation or manuscript coaching sessions and meetings with experts.


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