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Prof. Dr. Katrin Meyer



Katrin Meyer studied Philosophy, German Literature and Church History in Basel, Berlin and Paris. In 1997, she graduated with a PhD on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. During her PhD, Meyer worked as a research assistant on a collected volume of Nietzsche's letters as well as at the Philosophy Department of the University of Basel. She, then, became a staff member of the General Secretariat of the Swiss National Foundation (SNF) in Bern. From 2002-2005, she was a research assistant in Philosophy at the University of St. Gallen and from 2005-2017, she was the coordinator of the Swiss Gender Studies Network in Basel. Meyer completed her post-doctoral research on theories of power, ranging from Michel Foucault to Hannah Arendt. Since 2012, she is a private lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Basel and since 2017, she is a senior research and teaching assistant in Gender Studies at the University of Zurich.

Research Interests

  • Feminist political theory and social philosophy
  • Radical theories of democracy and neo-republicanism
  • Theories of intersectionality
  • Power and violence
  • Security/safety, sovereignty and gender
  • Migration

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Epistemology – theory – methodology
Violence – harassment
Migration – asylum


Gender Studies, Philosophy