Save the Date: Critical Gender & Diversity Knowledge. Challenges & Prospects.

The conference “Critical Gender and Diversity Knowledge. Challenges and Prospects” discusses questions of knowledge building in gender & diversity research, intersectionality, equality politics and diversity management. The digital transfer conference of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity aims at initiating discussions on current problems and methods of knowledge building in various specific contexts on critical gender and diversity knowledge. These debates and concurrent knowledge building started a long time ago in different places, at many institutions, in specific contexts, with numerous methods and involving various people. The conference builds on this knowledge, reflects its critical potential and addresses pressing questions in several fields. The event is designed as a forum of exchange between academia, education, politics, business, media, arts etc.

Content orientation of the thematic fields:

  • Gender, diversity and language
  • Women in leadership positions
  • Meritocracy, excellence & inequality
  • Institutionalized inequality and discrimination
  • Methods of knowledge sharing

The panels may have various formats (e.g. workshops, roundtables, world cafés) and will all be held digitally. In order to meet the goal of enabling an open dialogue, all technical possibilities are used and integrated in various designs.

Because gender and diversity issues require increased attention, especially in these times, we decided on a digital format of the conference in order to ensure that it can be held and to guarantee planning security for all participants as well as open access for vulnerable persons because of COVID-19.


19 November 2020, 09:00 am – 21 November 2020, 05:00 pm