Reflecting on Equal Participation, Representation and Women's Empowerment

Know the GAP Gender Lecture Series organised by the WTI Gender Team under the lead of Prof. Elisa Fornalé
The lectures are conceived as an innovative venue to bring accomplished scholars, leaders of international organizations, government, and the private sector, to the University of Bern. Speakers will engage the public on numerous pressing gender issues and topics, including: gender history; gender equality and human rights; politics of gender and race in the Anthropocene; and gender equality and women’s empowerment. Please see the attached programme for a detailed list of speakers.
All lectures are planned to be held online via Zoom. The link to participate in the lectures can be found in the programme as well.
Make sure you also visit the Equality and Events pages on our website for more details. For questions, please contact Sophia Thompson.


09 December 2020 – 19 May 2021




Events in this series: