Transnational Queer Histories

Transnational Queer Histories is intended to platform and support scholarship from academics at all levels of their careers, and to give voice to researchers and topics that have until now been unrepresented or underrepresented in academic publishing circles. As such, it is our intention to open the doorways for innovative, new research, highlighting non-traditional approaches and subject matter.

TQH's title is its programme; we seek work that is transnational and/or comparative in scope, not (strictly) limited to one geographic locality; queer in the broadest sense, encompassing not just homo- and cis-normative experiences but also a variety of gender and sexual identities, including (but not limited to) bisexuality, pansexuality, asexuality, transgender and intersex lives; and historical, with work drawing principally from modern and early-modern history, in whichever way the contributor defines these. In this way, we seek to encourage the creation of a body of new scholarship that moves away from the confines of (generally) white, male, homonormative, cisgender queer history that has tended to characterise the subdiscipline. While these narratives remain important to queer history, we encourage innovative approaches to them through new and hitherto-underutilised avenues of inquiry. Thus, we seek to foreground the broad and vibrant diversity of queer experiences throughout history.

TQH accepts proposals for both monographs and edited collections; work may be submitted in English or German. As noted, we seek work from scholars at all career levels. If you are unsure whether the work you have in mind would be a good fit under the TQH banner, please do not hesitate to contact us with an informal inquiry. We will do our best to advise you whether we would welcome a more formal proposal from you, as above.

Contact Series Editors:

We very much look forward to receiving your proposal, and we are excited to read and platform new and innovative work in queer history. If you have any queries or a proposal to submit, please contact us here:
Dr. Sabrina Mittermeier (she/her) sabrina.mittermeieruni-kasselde

Publication Date:

11 June 2024