Engaging with Delphy

Call for contributions to a special issue of NQF

Laurence Bachmann, Ellen Hertz, Amel Mahfoudh, Marianne Modak, Patricia Roux, Lucile Ruault (coord.)

Christine Delphy, a pioneering force in the articulation and development of materialist feminism, continues to play a major role in contemporary feminist debate and politics in several key respects. She is not only a theorist whose incisive ideas remain fundamental to a feminist rethinking of the world, she is also, and as importantly, an activist involved in radical struggle against patriarchy. The breadth of her engagement over the course of time bears witness to an exceptional openness of thought, constantly alert to and evolving with changing contexts and issues, as her work on racism so amply demonstrates. Over the decades, Delphy’s considerable body of work has inspired and informed countless struggles through its dual aim of both analysing and transforming social relations.

This special issue of NQF will focus on the vitality, relevance and diversity of Christine Delphy’s work. We invite feminist writers, thinkers and activists to propose texts exploring how they have been influenced, inspired, provoked or challenged by this work. Following Delphy’s own radical example, and because her work is known to provoke readers into a sharper, life-changing awareness of their own situations and sentiments, our call for contributions extends beyond the traditional field of academic scholarship and theory to encompass reflection on the impact of her work on personal lives and activism. We particularly welcome proposals that explore how her ideas have shaken up conventional modes of thought and action in all aspects of our lives: activist, community-based, political, professional, family or friendship-based, intimate or sexual.

We are open to all perspectives on and approaches to Delphy’s work, orthodox or unorthodox, because writing, after all, inevitably escapes the control of its author. We are also open to receiving texts exploring Delphy’s work in any of the various formats it has been disseminated in: books, academic journals, magazines and newspapers, interviews, conferences, documentaries and so on. In a departure from NQF’s usual editorial conventions, we are looking for short, incisive texts, echoing the style and format of some of Delphy’s own writing. Of course, because her influence extends far beyond the French-speaking world, we warmly invite texts not only in French, but also in English, Spanish, Arabic and Italian, which we will translate into French for the paper edition. The texts in the original will be published on-line on the NQF website.

Proposals should be one page in length They should be submitted by May 2nd, 2021 in Word format, by email to Laurence.Bachmannhesgech and Ellen.Hertzuninech. Final texts will be shorter than those normally published in NQF. They should be between 5,000 and 10,000 characters in length.

The first draft of texts selected for publication by NQF will be due on December 1st, 2021. Please refer to the NQF website for formatting guidelines. The special issue will be published in 2022.

Publication Date:

01 February 2021


02 May 2021


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