Brigitte Schnegg Prize for Gender Studies 2019

Call for Papers of the Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SGGF/SSEG)

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schnegg was head of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Bern (IZFG) until her unexpected death in spring 2014. She was the co-founder of the Swiss Network for the establishment of Gender Studies at the Swiss Universities and since 2010 co- president of the newly re-launched Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SGGF). For Brigitte Schnegg the critical analysis of social inequalities and a political approach were important concerns. In honour of her and her achievements, the SGGF/SSEG created this award.

The aim of the prize is to award outstanding academic work in the field of Gender Studies in Switzerland, which contributes to socio-political analysis and change.

Content-Specific Criteria:

  • The research has a specific gender focus and/or may be thematically attributed to Gender Studies.
  • The research distinguishes itself through scholarly quality and practical relevance.

Formal Criteria:

  • Applicants are scholars who work in the field of Gender Studies in Switzerland or whose scholarly work has a reference to Switzerland.
  • Applicants may submit academic research (articles, book chapters, monographs, academic qualification research), accomplished in the last two years before publication of this Call.
  • The submitted research may be written in German, French or in English.
  • The research may be submitted by the author or by third parties.

The prize amount is 1’000 CHF. It will be awarded at the General Member Assembly 2017 of the Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SGGF/SSEG).

Please submit the following documents until 31st of May 2019 to infogenregeschlechtch (PDF files only):

  • Long abstract (a maximum of three standard pages): Short summary and description of the relevancy of the research for the field of Gender Studies.
  • Research to be assessed
  • CV of the author

Publication Date:

08 March 2019


31 May 2019