About Gender Campus

What is Gender Campus?

Gender Campus is a platform for Gender Studies, Equality and Diversity at Swiss Universities. The editorial team informs about activities and news about these topics and links persons and institutions at Swiss Universities and beyond. On Gender Campus we create and maintain digital and analogue structures. We provide a space for digital and communication work and together with actors from the fields Diversity, Equality and Gender Studies and thereby help to shape the academic landscape of Switzerland.

Gender Campus was initiated in 2001 by representants of universities and universities of applied sciences. From the beginning the platform was affiliated to the interdisciplinary centre for gender studies (IZFG) at the University of Bern and since 2008 a close cooperation with the Centre en Etudes Genre (CEG) at the university in Lausanne exists.

Until the end of 2016 we were financed by national programs of structural development aid and since the beginning of 2017 the operating expenses are borne by the Swiss Universities. All offers and services of Gender Campus are free for members of the participating universities.

Gender Campus will cooperate with GenderOpen, the Open-Access-Repository for Gender Studies in Berlin. Further close cooperation exists with the Delegation Diversity, the contact person and advisor of the committee of swissuniversities in the fields Diversity and Equality as well as with the Network Gender Studies Switzerland.

The Editorial Department of Gender Campus

Anna Sommer is head of the project/project manager of Gender Campus. Her affection for data took its beginning in a lovely archive. anna.sommergendercampusch

Alessandra Widmer is research assistant at Gender Campus. She loves the digitized and the analogue, hyperlinks and cyborg myths. alessandra.widmergendercampusch

Damien Michelet is research assistant at Gender Campus. His ambitions for a better world consequently led him to feminism. damien.micheletgendercampusch

Project Board and accompaniment

Both our strategic project managers, Prof. Dr. Patricia Putschert (Interdisciplinary Centre of Gender Studies IZFG) and Dr. Marta Roca i Escoda, MER (Centre en Etudes Genre CEG, Université de Lausanne) are our contact persons concerning questions of any kind. They support our work wherever they can.

The accompanying team consisting of members of the Delegation Diversity of swissuniversities is specially on hand with help and advice in institutional issues.

The Academic Board grants for Good Governance and advocates the concerns of the universities toward Gender Campus. The board is actually being built up in cooperation with the accompanying group.

Artwork: Claude Amsler

claude is interested in various levels of deepness in surfaces and challenges in h_er artistic_scientific work the dominance of the human gaze and eye. claude tries to confront every image act with haraways question with whose blood were my_your_their eyes crafted. c holds a master degree in german linguistics & literature, philosophy and gender studies and works at the interdisciplinary center of gender studies in bern.


Contact information

Artwork: Tasnim Baghdadi

Tasnim Baghdadi ist a freelance illustrator, designer and art mediator. She was born in Cologne, Germany and currently lives in Fribourg, Switzerland. Her work deals with the topics of body and space, which she uses in an abstract and metaphorical manner to visualize and communicate different states of conscioussness and social dynamics. She describes her style as: expressive, repetitive and meta-figurative. Tasnim studied product design in Venlo and art history of Asia and the Orient M.A. in Bonn. Her work was already on display in London, Chicago, Munich, Amsterdam and Berlin. Besides her artistic focus Tasnim also works as a freelance art director, creating visual concepts for editorials, startups and networks. Additional to that she works as an art mediator for serveral exhibition formats.


Contact: infotasnimbaghdadicom