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University of Zurich

With the award of one Suslowa-Postdoc-Fellowship per year the UZH enables a postdoctoral researcher to return to the academic career after a career break or a delay in research activities due to incompatibility reasons.

A time-out for childcare, a longer and more serious illness, the care of elderly or sick relatives or death in the closest family are recognized as incompatibility reasons. As a rule, a 9- to 24-month phase during which the research activity must be completely or largely suspended is recognized as an interruption.

Submission of applications and approval take place within the procedure of the Postdoc funding line of the Forschungskredit. In principle, the same application requirements and approval criteria apply as stated in the application guidelines for the Forschungskredit Postdoc. In addition, supplementary regulations apply to the Suslowa-Postdoc-Fellowship. Applicants who apply for the Suslowa-Postdoc-Fellowship apply automatically and simultaneously for the Forschungskredit Postdoc.

What will be funded?

  •     The applicant’s salary
  •     Materials (on a limited scale)
  •     Duration of funding is 24 months at the most



German, English

Diversity Labels:

Work-life-balance, Gender




Consulting, Infrastructure