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Guide for (future) parents and managers

Becoming a parent is a happy event! But the adventure of parenthood also involves its share of challenges. Juggling family life and professional activity is still all too often practically equivalent to squaring the circle, especially for women. Lack of childcare facilities, limited parental leave, often difficult and precarious working conditions... the Equal Opportunities Office sees all these difficulties at close quarters on a daily basis.

Women in the university community, mothers or mothers-to-be, ask themselves lots of questions. How can I fit in my study time after the birth of my child? What effect will my maternity leave have on the duration of my contract as Assistant? Is it possible to breastfeed at UNIL?

Fathers – and others concerned by parenthood – also ask themselves questions. Will I be entitled to paternity leave? Who will look after my children? How can I obtain acknowledgement for my family tasks?

Managers too have an important role to play. How can we manage the specific situations, requests and needs of parents under my responsability? How can we encourage the balancing of an academic career and family life, in order to make the most of my staff’s potential?

This guide gathers the answers to all these questions. It endeavours to support those concerned by parenthood so that becoming and being a parent at UNIL is indeed a happy event for everyone.



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Policy, Brochure