Diese Dokumentation des Frauen*Streiks an den Schweizer Hochschulen dient als öffentliches Archiv und wird laufend ergänzt. Weitere Beiträge und Anfragen gerne an: info@thinktank-gender-diversity.ch.

Der 14. Juni 2019 I Veranstaltungen vor dem Frauen*Streik I Pressespiegel


Taking the occasion of the Frauenstreik, three Equality Boxes have been placed across the Lugano and Mendrisio campuses of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI). The USI community is invited to put a note in the box, to share (also anonymously) their thoughts about the feminist strike, their experiences with gender equality issues and/or their suggestions for improvements that will be collected by the Equal Opportunities Services.