Module: Lecture + Excercise

Module GEO432 offers an in-depth examination of gender relations and inequalities in today’s neoliberal cities. In the seminar course GEO432.1, we discuss texts and develop a theoretical understanding of neoliberalism, gender, and other dimensions of inequality. Transferring the theoretical debates to practice, we explore diverse working contexts in the neoliberal city. In the exercise course GEO432.2, we work in teams of three and develop an excursion module, in which the discussed phenomena can be experienced in the city of Zurich. The individual modules are then assembled to a two-day excursion.

Module participants acquire an in-depth understanding of gender relations, inequalities, and how they play out in different work contexts in the neoliberal city. Participants are acquainted with a number of theoretical approaches to neoliberalism, work, gender, and inequality as key fields of knowledge in economic geography. Participants know the didactical tools to develop and lead a high- quality excursion.

Depending on the language abilities of the participants, the course will be taught in English, German or a combination of German and English, so that everyone can participate.








Gender Studies, Geographie