Questioning Migration, Gender and Development

This course engages with the complex relationship between migration, gender and development in the context of globalisation. Moving towards a global approach to the interlinked processes of migration and development, the course gives a prominent role to perspectives from the Global South. The movement of people within and across national borders has been affected by and impacted multi- faceted aspects of development. Critical take on development and migration will give us an opportunity to problematise these processes and concepts as contested. Gender and human security will be point of departure to unpack the diverse meanings of these concepts. Throughout the course, we will engage with how intersecting identities of gender, age, race, class - among others shape experiences of migration and development as well as we focus on their ability to collectively challenge and change structures in which their mobilities are embedded. Gender has been employed in rather normative ways to further structure and control experiences of development and migration. We will take a critical stand on these processes throughout the course. The course will encourage students to think critically about how migration and development may transform and (re)produce social inequalities, with specific focus on gender social relations. This course offers an introduction to the study of migrations and development and gender.








Universitäre Hochschulen (UH)