Introduction to Transcultural Gender & Diversity Studies

Introduction to Transcultural Gender and Diversity Studies (Switzerland – Morocco – Egypt – Lebanon)

The Graduate Course provides an introduction into cross-regional and transcultural gender and diversity studies. The aim is to critically question how gender and diversity terminologies and related forms of expertise are produced, translated, transferred and put into practice in different settings and locations. The course discusses the manifold constructions of difference, the notion of equality in the context of gender and diversity studies, and different perspectives to analyze inequality. Furthermore, the discussion reflects aspects of transculturality from a critical and self-reflexive perspective. Transcultural studies are not only the thematic content of the module, but also serve as a teaching method. A transcultural approach is reflected in the diversity of the localities and academic backgrounds of the students, the team of lecturers, the selected literature and the examples given. In this way, the students gain insights into the various social, economic and geopolitical contexts and get to know key issues of gender and diversity studies in the partner countries.








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