Curiously Queer: Margins of Gender and Sexuality

The course offers a theoretically informed and empirically illustrated pitch to queer the constructed notions of gender and sexuality. In so doing it seeks to amplify the uncertain future of gendered sexuality.Gendered sexuality, in all its compliant and transgressive forms, is condemned to become norm ordained. Queerness, the course argues, is neither tethered to gendered identification nor invested in a struggle to seek validation for a spectrum of sexual predilections. But rather queerness is a political orientation acknowledging difference while confronting sexualised and gendered segregation. The course grapples with several cohabiting provocations to investigate the curiously queer margins of gender and sexuality as they get: (1) excavated from a contested past (2) witnessed in the fraught contemporary moment, and (3) seen progressing towards an emergent and uncertain future.







Gender Studies, Sozialanthropologie


Universitäre Hochschulen (UH)