CAS FH in Diversity Leadership

Learn the latest on Diversity Leadership - bring the best out of your organization

Is your organization using its full potential? Do you have the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to lead your diverse workforce? Can you create diversity management systems that support an inclusive working culture? This is what the CAS in Diversity Leadership is all about. It is designed to make you the next generation leader: One that ensures all individuals are part of the effective functioning of the organization, regardless of their personal characteristics such as gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, religion, identity and abilities.

Structure and content of studies

This is a 15 ECTS master’s level course with four course modules and nine presence days. The concept is based on the latest research on diversity and inclusion in organizations. The program advances systematically from one diversity leadership step to another. The goal is to immerse students into a comprehensive method of diversity management – one that runs through the entire organization, creating true value add to its various functions and diverse employees.

The course is applicable to different fields and organizations. Master’s students can conduct their master’s thesis research based on the program content.

Benefits for Students and Employers

  • Study with an international group of leaders and HR professionals
  • Intensive and interactive learning experience, immediately applicable to day-to-day business practice
  • Teaching faculty are established leaders and consultants
  • Learning supported by guest speakers and specialized events
  • Degree by a federally recognized University of Applied Science
  • Possibility to combine with other CAS courses and achieve a modular Master's degree (MAS / MBA / EMBA)
  • Part time - no need for a career break
  • In English and German


01. April 2018 – 01. Oktober 2018


Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Jungholzstrasse 43, 8050 Zurich