Psychology: Gender and Diversity

Learning objectives

By participating in this course students learn to

  • understand the basic assumptions of psychological theorizing on gender and diversity;
  • make use of different theories for analyzing the various challenges that come with diversity at work;
  • learn how to differentiate the theoretical perspectives from everyday thinking;
  • reflect upon different perspectives on identity in the context of diversity;
  • gain insights in their personal construction of identity and the respective consequences for behaviour;
  • apply their theoretical knowledge to a ʺreal worldʺ diversity case.

The seminar prepares students the focus areas on culture, society and responsibility.

Course content

The working world has become more diverse. We have more women in the labor market and the ʺrefugee crisisʺ and migration in more general terms have intensified the needs for inclusion ‑ in society, but also at work. At the same time, the ongoing struggles of fighting racism, including older workers or working across language barriers are still relevant. In this course we are developing a psychological perspective on gender and diversity issues at the workplace. How can we explain what is going on from an identity perspective? How are identities created and maintained? And what is their role in social interaction as for instance in team work or in selection processes? While without any doubt we all need identities for becoming healthy individuals and also for interacting with others, there is also a dark side to them: stereotyping, prejudice and privilege. Exploring these perspectives provides students with strong concepts on how to tackle and approach discrimination and conflict at work.

Course structure and indications of the learning and teaching design

Students engage with the readings and other material provided for each course module on StudyNet. Questions with regards to theories and experiences with their practical applications are discussed and reflected in class.

If due to Covid‑19 measures it will not be possible to meet at the university, classes will be realised on zoom.

A detailed course outline and all relevant documents will be made available on StudyNet.







Psychologie, Gender Studies


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