Lunchtalk with Dr. Sara Nyssen: Slow Science Platform in Belgium

Dr. Sara Nyssen, Ghent University BE, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, and at the moment exchange scholar at the University in Fribourg, is part of the activist group of „Slow Science Belgium“. She will share her experiences with us in this lunch event.

An activist group of young scholars in Belgium have set up a homepage „Slow Science in Belgium“. The aim of the homepage is to gather important topic about how to do science in a more reflective way. The homepage links persons from various universities in Belgium who commit themselves to change the way science has been going to within the past decade. Furthermore, in workshops more experienced scientists train younger scientist in being more aware of what they are researching on.

Moderation: Dr. Patricia Felber, ZHDK
Organised by MVUB and the working group "kritischer Exzellenzdiskurs"


12. November 2019, 12.15


Universität Bern, UniS, B-102, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3012 Bern


Universität Bern