Federica Giardini (Rome): Care, Reproduction and the Environmental Humanities

Sessions in Feminist Theory, Winter Term 2022/23

The talk gives an account of both a research path and teaching experience at the university. Beginning with the two pivotal concepts of reproduction and care, which mark different spaces and times of feminist elaboration – reproduction as a feminist critique of the Marxist framework of the 1970s; care as an ethical-political proposal of U.S. provenance between the 1980s and 1990s – the general concept of eco-trans-feminism will be articulated and the necessary spillovers on the relationships between disciplines and knowledges will also be examined.

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This series of events takes place as part of the seminar »Poetik und Theorie der Sorge« (Freie Universität Berlin) and the doctoral program in Gender, Culture and Society (University of Helsinki). It is a cooperation between Esther von der Osten (Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature, Freie Universität Berlin), Susanne Lettow (Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies, Freie Universität Berlin) and Tuija Pulkkinen (Professor of Gender Studies, University of Helsinki).


06. Februar 2024, 16.00 – 18.00