European Lesbian* Conference

Join for the second European and Central Asian Lesbian* Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine! The theme of the conference will be “Building a Momentous Lesbian Movement: LET’S BRING LESBIAN GENIUS TO THE WORLD!”. The team of organisers is international – from Austria, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Macedonia,Germany, Albania, and France to Sweden, Tajikistan, Romania, Moldova, Italy and Serbia.

The European and Central Asian Lesbian* Conference is a non-profit association group of lesbian* women* and interested campaigners whose aims are to:

- Enable the exchange of experiences between members.
- Promote the acceptance, visibility, and equality of lesbian* women.
- Networking of lesbian* women* and with people who feel connected ideationally and who show solidarity with the cause.
- Foster a debate about unequal qualities of living conditions based on economic inequalities, gender* and identity attributions
- Promote communication
- Impart life stores and realities of life



12. April 2019 – 14. April 2019