Critical Gender Studies in the Life Sciences Domains

PhD course "Critical Gender Studies in the Life Sciences Domains" at Wageningen University (Netherlands).

Today, research in the life sciences done to support sustainable development is increasingly interdisciplinary and demands better understanding of roles of gender and other differences, such as race and colonial history. This course directly enables participants to develop, operationalize and integrate a critical gender framework into their own research. The manner in which participants work gender into their own research may then be independently replicated in integrating other relevant concerns.

The course (6 ECTS) is divided in five modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Critical Gender/Feminist Studies in the Life Sciences (2 ECTS)

  • a.     Historical perspective on and development of Critical Gender/Feminist Studies
  • b.     Overview of key concepts: e.g., gender, intersectionality, queering/thinking beyond binary, decolonization

Module 2: Feminist epistemologies in Science and Technology Studies (1 ECTS)

Module 3: Feminist political ecology and economy (1 ECTS)

Module 4: Feminism and social justice (1 ECTS)

Module 5: Decolonizing development (1 ECTS)




10. September 2019 – 17. Oktober 2019, 11.37