Women’s Authorship and the Early Gothic Legacies and Innovations

Edited by Kathleen Hudson, This volume will be published in August 2020. 
This collection examines Gothic works written by women in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with a special focus on reincorporating critically marginalised authors into discussion. Hudson’s book provides an innovative reading of the primary texts discussed, and explores how these authors’ works impacted the development of ‘women’s writing’ and Gothic writing. This collection’s core thesis advances the field of Gothic studies and rethinks previous perceptions of literary culture by offering a fresh perspective on women writers and their contributions to Gothic literature. The collection is an academic and scholarly publication with a projected readership level of college-level undergraduate or higher.
Kathleen Hudson is an Adjunct Professor of English Literature at Anne Arundel Community College, and is
the author of "Servants and the Gothic, 1764–1831: A half-told tale".


09. Juli 2020