Publication – Eléonore Lépinard and Lucile Quéré (ed.): «Feminist Emotions»

European Journal of Women's Studies, Volume 28 Issue 3, August 2021

Special Issue: Feminist Emotions

Feminism today is both recognizable and un-recognizable: its fast-changing pace of renewal, and the geographical and generational scope of its diffusion are transforming feminist practices, discourses and priorities as we knew them. However, much of it also remains familiar to scholars of feminism: not only the claims contemporary feminists are making but also the emotions that fuel feminism and the emotions that feminism ignite are recognizable to us. The anger, the joy, the fierceness, the wonder and the hope, but also the defiance, bitterness and anger among feminists are all emotions that have shaped and continue to shape feminist attachments. This special issue proposes to focus on emotions as a productive site to observe, analyse and interrogate feminism, its potentialities and its transformations. By which emotions is feminist activism sustained, inhibited or transformed? The various contributions to this special issue all investigate and reflect on the nature and the role of emotions in feminist activism. What are feminist emotions? How do they contribute to coalition building, intersectional practices or feminists’ political imagination? Conversely, how do they prevent coalition or intersectional work, reproduce and secure asymmetrical power relations among feminists?


05. Oktober 2021


Université de Lausanne, CEG - Centre en Etudes Genre