Publication – Edmée Baillif: «Vegan labor: the intensification of family foodwork...»


Drawing from a case study of child veganism in Switzerland, I bring together parenting culture studies and food studies to ask how veganism relates to the ideology of intensive mothering. Describing five kinds of “vegan labor” – extra foodwork that vegan parents attributed to their vegan lifestyle –, I find that adopting an alternative diet intensifies parental commitment in a gendered way. Discussing these findings against the backdrop of the Swiss culture of nutrition and gender regime, I underline how examining alternative diets can further our understanding of parenting culture, gender roles, and foodwork. Intensive mothering relates to the local culture of nutrition and the meanings attached to specific diets; coupled with socioeconomic privilege, it can also serve as a resource to mitigate social scrutiny and judgment.

Taylor & Francis, London, Food, Culture & Society, published online: 14 Feb 2024 (open access)


28. Februar 2024


Université de Lausanne