Petition: "We want our University and Poland to be free from hate and homophobia!"

Students of the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, are being intimidated by the Polish police and Public Prosecutor’s office for defending their university rights and for taking a stand against homophobia and hatred. We can lend them the support they badly need to withstand the outrageous procedure undertaken by the police and Public Prosecutor’s office. We call upon Polish government to hear the voice of science and respect the scientific consensus instead of accepting dogmas under the pretext of the freedom of expression. In solidarity with LGBT+ people, we also strongly urge the President of the Republic of Poland to maintain the dignity of his office and to cease building his political campaign on abhorrent, divisive, and dehumanizing rhetoric directed against them. SUPPORT POLISH STUDENTS IN THEIR FIGHT AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA.


02. Juli 2020