Invitation to tender - Literature Review “Gender Equality Measures”

1. Background and purpose

Gender equality is a key concern of the Swiss National Science Foundation. The SNSF is fully committed to promoting a balanced representation of women and men in different roles and bodies, and in research as a whole. The Gender Equality Commission (GECo) of the SNSF is an independent advisory body with a highly international membership. Its members possess a high level of expertise in the field of gender equality and beyond. The commission comments on gender-relevant issues and decisions within the scope of SNSF research funding and submits proposals and recommendations to the National Research Council and the Administrative Offices of the SNSF.

The GECo mandates this literature review to provide an overview of possible and necessary measures to support women in science. The results will serve as a basis for future equality measures in the development of funding policies and instruments.

2. Expectations

The SNSF expects a literature review to gain important insights on the following topics:

  • Systematic review of measures aimed at integrating gender equality as selection and evaluation criteria for research funding instruments (e.g. inclusion of measures to support the career progression of female collaborators, measures to combat sexual harassment within the project, etc.)

  • Systematic review of academic publications on the relative impact of different gender equality measures in career support and research funding (i.e. what works, where, when and for whom?)

The topics do not have to be treated separately, but can be integrated.

3. Qualifications of Tenders

Applicants should have expertise and experience in gender equality and have a track record in small projects of this nature.

4. Tenders

Tenders must be submitted to the Office of Gender Equality in Research Funding (equalitysnfch), by 30 November 2020. They must include:

  • A proposal for a precise question to cover the open questions, or the integration of the two different questions.

  • Approach and intended procedure for the literature review

  • Information on how the SNSF is expected to support the analysis

  • Schedule and costs

  • Team and references

The costs of the analysis should not exceed CHF 50,000

Criteria for selection are the clarity and soundness of the approach proposed, the orientation of the proposal to the questions for analysis and the usefulness in view of the further development of the gender equality measures within the SNSF.

Decisions will be communicated by 15 December 2020.

5. Contact

Simone Widmer
Scientific Assistant
Gender Equality in Research Funding
+41 31 308 24 71



16. November 2020


30. November 2020



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