The social & gender implications of extending working lives

The 2021 Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association (SSA), June 28-31 2021, Geneva

Research network: Life course

Nicky Le Feuvre, Université de Lausanne & PNR LIVES ; Nathalie Rougier, Isabelle Zinn

Largely promoted by international bodies such as the OECD , policy initiatives for extending working lives (EWL) are now widespread, despite the negative implications raised by a number of international research projects (e.g. COST Action IS1409 Gender & Health Impacts of Policies Extending Working Life & NORFACE – DIAL project DAISIE). In line with the overall objectives of the Congress, this Workshop aims to address the “social justice” implications of this normative vision of extending working lives, particularly from a gender equality perspective.

Speakers will be invited to consider the policy mechanisms underpinning the drive to extend working lives / delayed retirement, the practical experiences of older workers and their families (including their working conditions, health issues and work-life balance challenges), and the implications of extending working lives from a gender equality / vulnerability perspective.

Please submit your proposal to Nicky Le Feuvre, nicky.lefeuvreunilch
Deadline for submissions: January 29, 2021
Abstracts length: maximum ~500 words


13. Januar 2021


29. Januar 2021