Queering the City? Transatlantic Perspectives.

International conference, june 11th - 13th, 2020, University Paris Nanterre and Fondation des États-Unis

To ask what produces social relationships in urban space today, and how social relationships produce space and place, is to affirm that the connection between society and space is a two-way street. If space is the product of social relations, then conversely — according to Henri Lefebvre’s triad of “lived, conceived and perceived space” — space, far from being the passive receptacle of social forces, structures and contributes to the reproduction but also challenges social relations. We will then raise the more specific question of the relationship between gender/sex/race and space. In an urban space marked by social relationships, is it possible to resist and "queer" the city? If we understand the term "queer" as Kath Browne does in “Challenging Queer Geographies”: “operating beyond powers and controls that enforce normativity", then "queering the city" implies redrawing, reconceptualizing, rethinking and remapping to remake bodies, spaces and geographies.

In these days of increasingly powerful movements of revolt against sexism, sexual harassment, and violence directed at women and gender-norm-and-sexuality-dissidents, the questions we hope to raise with this academic and artistic conference are more present than ever. We’re thus hoping for papers related to the history of social movements or of artistic performances in France and in the US, to the geography of queer or activist spaces, to the sociology of social movements linked with the creation of space and with resistance in an urban context. But we’re also hoping for presentations by contemporary artists and interventions by feminist and LGBTQI+ activists. We welcome art installations and bodily performances using the sexuated, gendered, racialized and class-branded dis/abled body, provoking in and for the self a transformation of values and norms. More classic talks will not be set up as panel discussions (presentation + Q & A) but as interactive workshops inspired by popular education techniques.

Proposals (title, 500 word abstract plus corpus/bibliographic sources) and short biographic note to be sent to queeringthecity2020gmailcom up to 15 September 2019, answer by early October 2020.


07. August 2019


15. September 2019