Gendering Jesus

Calls for Manuscripts for Special Issue of Religion and Gender

Guest Editors: Jamie Pitts and Peter-Ben Smit


The journal Religion and Gender invites article proposals for a special issue on Gendering Jesus. The status of Jesus’ gender has long been a topic of interest within various forms of Christianity, as well as in other religious traditions and non-religious worldviews and/or cultural traditions. For instance, defense of a male priesthood is sometimes linked to the need for clergy to “represent” the male Christ, and proponents of “muscular Christianity” look to Jesus as their rugged male hero, a true “man’s man.” A famous feminist syllogism picks up on this imagery to repudiate the traditional Christian doctrine of salvation on the grounds that a male savior can only save men. Alternatively, Jesus has been portrayed as the embodiment of a feminist-friendly masculinity or as paradigmatically combining masculine and feminine traits in religious and non-religious discourses alike. The incorporation of critical gender theory into biblical studies, religious studies and theology has led to an outpouring of scholarship on the topic, and recent writings variously interpret (representations of) Jesus as gender queer or hypermasculine or otherwise performing and presenting gender in notable ways.

In this special issue of Religion and Gender the guest editors invite contributions that explore different facets of Jesus’ gender and/or puts the figure of Jesus into conversation with discourses about gender. Papers might, for instance, look at the presentation of Jesus as male and/or masculine in sacred texts (e.g., the New Testament or the Qur’an), investigate the reception history of Jesus’ masculinity, compare Jesus qua masculine protagonist or “hero” with other religious figures, study the masculine character of Jesus’ identity as conceived of within different religious traditions or world views (e.g., as savior, messiah, prophet, guru, Bodhisattva, or philosopher), or focus on interpretations and representations of Jesus “beyond masculinity,” e.g., in female or transgender ones. This list of topics is indicative, and contributions are invited from a variety of fields, religious traditions and beyond, and theoretical and methodological approaches. We specifically welcome contributions that foreground intersectionality, examining Jesus’ gender with other categories and perspectives such as embodiment, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, and postcoloniality.

Submissions should be between 5000 and 8000 words in length (including abstract, footnotes and references). See the Journal’s page for further information about style guidelines. Affiliation and email address should be supplied in the first submission. In order to guarantee a blind review process, all submissions should be anonymized with the name of and references to the author removed from the text. We are happy to receive inquiries about prospective submissions.

Please send all queries to Jamie Pitts (jpittsambsedu) or Peter-Ben Smit (pst380vunl).


  • 15 November 2018: invitation to submit a full-length manuscript
  • 15 April 2019: manuscript submission deadline
  • 15 May 2019: manuscript sent for external peer review
  • 15 July 2019: reviewers’ comments sent to authors
  • 15 September 2019: submission of revised manuscripts with letter to the editors
  • 15 November 2019: special issue submitted to Journal


29. November 2018


15. April 2019