Gender Diversity in Sport

The special issue “Gender Diversity in Sport” of the Freiburger Zeitschrift für GeschlechterStudien (25/2019) focuses on moments of changing and shifting gender relations and gender constructions. The guiding question of the issue is: Which changes can be observed in the hierarchical gender binary in sport, and under which social and societal conditions are they possible and thinkable?

This focus includes

  • structural changes regarding the participation of all genders in sports,
  • the expansion of gender knowledge (including in sports medicine),
  • ‘new’ spaces of and for gender in sport,
  • the intersectional nature of gender hierarchies in sport, as well as
  • breaking with or changing the gender segregation that is still the norm in sport.

These aspects can be investigated in various sports-related fields such as (high) performance sport, amateur sport, or youth sport. Also the politics and the economics of sport such as the medial representation of sport appear to be promising areas of research.

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