Gender in the Age of Digital Reproduction

fe journal: feminist critique

When Kat Lozo titled her 2013 TED speech “Feminism isn't dead, it's gone viral,” feminists’ and activists’ online visibility had already reached to a certain level. It has been almost six years since the speech was delivered and digital platforms and tools are still in the active use of feminist and LGBT+ academics, activists, rights’ advocates and different users who do not intend to but find themselves in this sphere. fe journal, being a digital feminist initiative itself, devotes its December 2019 issue to research papers, review papers, field notes, interviews and personal narratives with a gender perspective which focus on the new opportunities digital platforms and tools provide. As always we encourage papers that push the limits of different disciplines and genres and give priority to creative writing to enhance the opportunities of digital feminism. We invite submissions including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Digital activism and feminist mobilisation
  • Feminist digital humanities
  • New Digital research methodologies
  • New media and feminism
  • Digital economies and gender
  • Digital labour and feminism
  • Queer theory and digitalisation
  • Digital feminist utopias and dystopias
  • Digital literature and women/LGBT+ visibility
  • Digital history writing and gender
  • Sexism in digital platforms

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30. September 2019