Learn More by Reading and Listening: Selected Books & Podcasts

Dealing with institutionalized and interpersonal racism in higher education and in society is an ongoing challenge that extends far beyond action weeks. To conclude our collection, we therefore recommend a series of selected books and podcasts that address racism in various ways.

We have compiled these book and podcast recommendations together with Pamela Ohene Nyako, Advisory Board Member of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity. Pamela is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the Department of History at the University of Geneva and a leading expert in Black-European women's internationalism and intersectional thought. Her extensive research has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on this topic. In addition to her academic pursuits, Pamela is the creator of AFROLITT’, a bilingual literary platform dedicated to promoting black literature and fostering critical thinking: AFROLITT’

We hope this co-created list of book and podcast recommendations provides you with some stimulating and actionable insights.

Recommended Books

Recommended Podcasts

EDI/DFI, «Reden wir – 20 Stimmen zu Rassismus» / « Parlons-en ! 20 voix sur le racisme en Suisse » (CH, dt/fr)

EDI/DFI, Antirassismus: einfach komplex (CH, dt)

Carlos Hanimann, Mona-Lisa Kole, Fatima Moumouni und Uğur Gültekin, DIASBOAH (CH dt)

Anja Glover, humanrights-Podcast «Aritkel sieben: Wir reden über Menschenrechte – in der Schweiz» (CH dt)

Shyaka Kagame, Boulevard du village noir (CH fr)

Kaziwa Raim, L’InConfortable (CH fr)

Rokhaya Diallo et Grace Ly, Kiffe ta race (F)

Jamal, JINS (F)

Reni Eddo-Lodge, Renay Rich, About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge (UK)

Weiterführende Podcast Sammlung zu Rassismus & Identität (D)